Lawsuit Claims Preschoolers Endured Starvation | Paulson Coletti

A new lawsuit accuses the Oregon Department of Human Services of failing to supervise a situation in which two foster children were allegedly starved. In the complaint, the foster parents’ alleged negligence caused the children (4 and 5 years old) to weigh the same now as they did when they were 1 and 2. When… read more

Trekking Oregon’s Best Outdoor Destinations | Paulson Coletti

Portlanders are notorious for their love of outdoor adventures. There is so much to do and the website ShareOregon is just a small example of this! This site allows users to share adventures — such as the Tree to Tree Adventure Park or kayaking across Sturgeon Lake — and help others find some of the… read more

Stay away from the sprouts!

I always loved getting alfalfa sprouts on sandwiches, but then there was that whole sprout-salmonella thing, and it became difficult to find sandwiches with sprouts. I had forgotten all about that until I read in the newspaper today about a salmonella outbreak involving clover sprouts. The sprouts are produced by Sprouters Northwest of Kent, WA,… read more

Research Shows Tort Reform Laws to be Harmful

The topic of medical negligence has made front page news in recent weeks, specifically in states where patient safety has eroded due to strict immunity or “tort reform laws.” In a recent Huffington Post blog titled: “ How Tort ‘Reform’ Ruins Health Care for Everyone” author Joanne Doroshow outlines new research that shows how the… read more

Fruity fiasco

We hear about food borne illnesses relatively frequently, but hepatitis A outbreaks tend to be quite rare. Unfortunately, some 87 people have gotten sick with hepatitis A after consuming tainted frozen fruit purchased at Costco. The tainted fruit, attributed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to pomegranate seeds imported from Turkey, was in… read more

Mega Problems for Megabus

Obviously Portland is not the only city that has issues with buses. There’s a bus company in the Midwest and East called Megabus that offers low-price tickets that has had its share of accidents. In 2010 a Megabus hit and killed a man, and in 2012 a Megabus hit and killed a woman in downtown… read more

Death by poultry?

A 73-year-old man died while traveling on American Airlines, and his family blames the airlines and the chicken he ate on board. The family has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines and Sky Chefs, whom they claim provided the in-flight food. The 73-year-old, Othon Cortes, was flying from Spain to New York and then on… read more

White River Falls Tragedy

Last summer 15-year-old Caleb Jordan Justice of Vancouver, WA, accidentally drowned when attending Experience the Valley Summer Camp, a weeklong church camp. Justice and his fellow campers were on a walk by White River Falls near Maupin, OR, when Justice slipped on some rocks, fell into the water, and drowned. A wrongful death lawsuit has… read more

[Don’t] Say Cheese!

It’s summer, which means more foodborne illnesses! Unfortunately, cheese lovers recently took a hit, as the Crave Brothers line of cheeses were part of a voluntary recall issued by Whole Foods Markets. The cheeses, including les freres, have been associated with a listeria outbreak that has resulted in one death and sickened a small handful… read more

When fruit isn’t good for you

There’s been a rash of norovirus outbreaks lately. Last month there was a norovirus outbreak at a meeting for the Oregon Department of Forestry that was held in Forest Grove. The meeting was catered by Forest Grove restaurant Maggie’s Buns, which has been in business for some 16 years. The outbreak was likely caused by… read more