Nursing Homes Held Accountable | Oregon Elder Abuse Attorney

Punitive damages are rare in nursing home cases in Pennsylvania, but last week a jury awarded punitive damages of $5 million against two nursing homes–Jeanes Hospital and Hillcrest Convalescent Home. The two facilities were accused of providing poor care to Joe N. Blango that caused bedsores that ultimately led to his death two years later…. read more

Children’s Product Recall | Defective Product Lawyer

I don’t mean to be alarmist, but it sure seems like recalls of children’s products are on the rise. I guess we can console ourselves by assuming that these recalls are a reflection of increased safety precautions by the government? Anyway, the latest of the recalls involves Harmony High Chairs by Graco, a company whose… read more

Heart-Pumping, or Heart-Stopping Device?

An investigation is underway to determine whether or not MicroMedCardiovascular, maker of pediatric heart pumps, should have reported the death of a recipient of the pump. The FDA-approved pump, called DeBakey VAD Child Device was designed by Michael DeBakey, a well-known surgeon, and is the only pump of its kind. The manufacturer is required to… read more

Brain Injuries One Year Later | Brain Injury Attorney

The following is a guest blog courtesy of Dolan Law Offices in Chicago The effects of traumatic brain injuries often continue long after an accident occurs. The Brain Injury Association of America cites a study that indicates that 40% of patients who were hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries at the time of their accident continue… read more