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If you visited a health care center to remedy your injury, illness or medical condition only to suffer additional injuries, you might be the victim of medical negligence. Medical negligence, or medical malpractice, is the failure of someone in the medical industry to uphold the industry’s standards of care, often resulting in harm to a patient.

At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we help injured patients seek justice from medical professionals who are guilty of malpractice in Oregon. You may be eligible for a compensatory award to make up for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering and other damages. Discuss your case with our Gresham medical negligence lawyers today for more details. Call (503) 226-6361 for a free consultation.

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How Can a Lawyer Help?

It can be difficult to handle a medical negligence claim on your own. The defendants in these claims are often not individual doctors, but larger health care facilities with powerful legal teams. These legal teams may try to refute your claim, minimize your payout or avoid paying you altogether. Hiring a lawyer prevents these tactics from succeeding. Your lawyer can negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf, arguing for just compensation based on your losses and unique case elements. You can focus on getting well while your attorney negotiates for a positive case result on your behalf.

What Is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence can describe an act or failure to act within the accepted medical standards of care by a professional in a health care position. If medical negligence causes a patient’s injury or death, the at-fault provider may be liable. A medical negligence claim is a civil lawsuit seeking financial damages from the party or parties that caused the patient’s harm. Most medical negligence claims require four elements of proof.

  1. A doctor-patient relationship existed. The injured patient was officially in the care of the physician or center in question.
  2. An act of medical negligence occurred. The defendant acted in a way that a reasonable and prudent person in his or her same position would not have.
  3. A connection exists between the act of negligence and the injury. The defendant’s act or omission must be the proximate cause of the patient’s injury or death.
  4. The patient suffered damages as a result. The plaintiff must show proof of compensable damages, including an injury, medical bills or lost wages.

With these four main elements of proof, you will most likely have grounds to bring a medical malpractice lawsuit in Gresham. You do not need to have a medical expert sign an affidavit to file a claim in Oregon. Your lawyer may need to hire an expert later, however, to testify on your behalf as to the duty of care and breach of duty. Hiring a lawyer from the beginning can help you bring a strong and valid claim to damages.

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Some examples of medical negligence claims we can handle are medication errors, birth injuries, anesthesia and surgical errors, brain hypoxia, emergency room mistakes, misdiagnosis, nursing negligence, sepsis and radiation errors. If you believe you or a loved one has a case against a physician, hospital or another health care defendant in Gresham, Oregon, contact our medical negligence attorneys today. Request a free legal consultation at (503) 226-6361.