What Should I Do Immediately Following a Hit and Run?

A hit-and-run is an incident in which one driver causes damage to another driver’s car, typically via collision and then immediately leaves the scene. Hit-and-run collisions occur when both drivers are present, or when only one driver is aware of the collision. For instance, a car that backs into you while reversing, then leaves, is… read more

Black Ice Safety Tips

Black ice is a thin coat of ice that covers roadways when the temperature is below freezing. It appears to be black only because it creates a clear, glassy coating that covers dark-colored roads – this gives it the appearance of being black. Black ice is created when rain/water falls on the roadway, or when… read more

What Are “No-Zones”?

“No-zones” refer to the blind spots that truck drivers experience while driving. Although most trucks possess a mirror system to enhance environmental visibility, these mirrors do not fill in all of the blind spots created by such large vehicles. Generally, blind spots exist within 20 feet of the front of the truck, and 200 feet… read more

What Are Oregon’s Move Over Laws and Driving Myths?

Oregon’s driving laws are in place to decrease the likelihood of car accidents and other dangerous situations. Regardless, some Oregon residents are under false impressions when (it comes to) what they think is appropriate driving behavior. Oregon’s Move Over Law Oregon established its Move Over Law (ORS 811.147) in response to the unnecessary volume of… read more

What Is Unjust Enrichment?

Unjust enrichment is one party profiting at the expense of another. Most unjust enrichment situations occur accidentally or by mistake. In these situations, however, the party that received the unjust enrichment has to pay restitution to the other party. Understanding the state laws surrounding this issue can help you know what to do if you… read more

What You Should Know Before Buying a Car in Oregon

Purchasing a car is a large investment. As the buyer, you should do everything in your power to ensure the safety and success of this investment. Unfortunately, the car-buying process can be confusing, whether you are a first-time buyer or previous owner. The automotive dealer business involves a lot of opportunities for scams and bad… read more

What Is Additur & Remittitur?

During a personal injury trial in Oregon, you may hear the terms additur and remittitur. These terms refer to options both parties have to request a different jury verdict. If the jury’s verdict does not satisfy one of the parties, it is possible to file a motion for the trial court to either increase the… read more

What Are the Oregon Motorcycle Laws Every Rider Should Know?

Obeying traffic and motorcycle laws in Oregon can help you stay out of legal trouble – and potentially avoid a vehicle accident. Following the rules can make your actions more predictable to surrounding drivers. This can help you prevent collisions related to lack of visibility, lane changes, and turns. Whether this is your first time… read more

What Is Inattentive Blindness?

Every driver has a shared duty to all others on the roadway: the duty to pay attention. Keeping one’s eyes on the road is a crucial part of exercising a reasonable standard of care as a driver. Yet thousands of drivers ignore this duty and mistakenly believe they can do other things while driving. Sadly,… read more

What Are Delayed Symptoms?

Some injuries, such as broken bones, a victim can immediately recognize they are there. The accident victim will experience pain, the inability to move the affected limb, and other signs that something is wrong. Other injuries, however, may have hidden or delayed symptoms. Delayed symptoms may become noticeable later, after the adrenaline from the accident… read more