How Common Is Nerve Damage from a Burn Injury?

Burn injuries are often severe and can leave victims with tremendous pain and suffering. Burn injuries are classified based on severity, and the classification generally revolves around the depth of the burn injury. When a burn is very large or goes deep into a person’s skin, it can present incredible challenges for the victim. In… read more

What do Landlords Need to Know About Rental Fires?

Landlords have plenty to worry about each day. From figuring out how to fill vacancies to dealing with everyday tenant issues, a landlord’s schedule is usually full. One of the last thing on a person’s mind is that a fire will break out in their rental property. When we look at statistics from the US… read more

Why Cars Catch Fire After Accidents | Portland Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve ever wondered why some cars ignite after a collision, this article will explain the different factors involved in vehicle fires. 1. Crumple Zones Two sections of any given vehicle is designated the “crumple zone” – the front and rear. These are the two sections of a car that are most prone to “crumple”… read more