What is the Statute of Limitations for Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawsuits?

Medical mistakes can be devastating. Victims who are harmed due to a medical professional’s careless or negligent actions often sustain extensive injuries or illnesses that can lead to immense pain and suffering, long recovery times, and even permanent disabilities. In these cases, victims should be able to recover compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit against… read more

What Is Patient Abandonment?

When a person is undergoing treatment for an illness or an injury, they place their trust in medical providers. A doctor, nurse, or another type of medical professional will be the one to answer your questions, address your concerns, and handle your treatment. However, there are times when a health care provider may abandon a… read more

What Are The Major Causes Of Scaffolding Accidents?

Scaffolding is one of the most important structures at many construction sites, particularly those that involve multiple levels. However, scaffolding accidents are a leading cause of injuries in the construction industry. Here, we want to discuss the major causes of scaffolding accidents. In general, these incidents are entirely preventable, and it is not uncommon to… read more

The 5 Most Common Hidden Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can be a terrifying experience for the drivers and passengers involved. Often, injuries caused by a car accident or immediately visible and known. However, there are times when a person involved in a vehicle accident may not know that they are injured right away. It is not uncommon for vehicle crash victims to… read more

Oregon Texting And Driving Laws

All too often, we hear about car accidents caused by texting and driving. Nearly everybody has a cell phone or another type of device that can cause distractions behind the wheel of a vehicle. With all of us having mini-computers in our pockets, it can be very tempting to check text messages, glance at the… read more

Oregon Loss of Consortium Claim

It is not uncommon to see that someone has been awarded “loss of consortium” damages as a result of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit in Oregon. The word “consortium” will likely be unfamiliar to those who do not have much legal experience. However, these damages play a significant role in helping personal injury… read more