Client Testimonials

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Jane Paulson of Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys did an amazing job. I instantly felt at ease and she made a very difficult situation easy. Jane went above and beyond our expectations and took all the hassle and worry away. I highly recommend her and her company.


We had a wonderful experience working with John Coletti and Lisa Roelle. Attention to detail, emotional support, and thorough investigative work took us from start to successful finish. We highly recommend this firm!


I was badly injured when I filed my lawsuit so it was an extremely stressful time for me. It was comforting to have such a competent, professional and thoughtful team at Paulson Coletti representing me. The result was more than I had dared hope for, and I will always be grateful I chose this outstanding law firm at a time when I needed them most.


Paulson Coletti is a great firm to deal with on personal injury cases. Depth of knowledge; patience; perseverance are some of the adjectives that describe the firm. The teamwork among everybody in the firm is top-notch, and lead to favorable decisions for their clients. I would (and have) recommended them to anyone seeking help in receiving a fair settlement for their injuries sustained in an unfortunate situation


I had a wonderful experience working with John Coletti. He was very knowledgeable and helped minimize any anxiety throughout the process. Lisa was an amazing help throughout my case as well. I lucked out finding them when I wasn't getting the same attention from other firms. I would highly recommend Paulson Coletti.


Jane and the team at Paulson Coletti were competent, professional and compassionate in representing my son after a serious accident three years ago. We are so grateful for their expertise and guiding us through legal matters especially as we were focused on his well being and road toward recovery. I can't recommend them highly enough.