Water Drinking Contestant Dies of Hyponatremia

Recently I blogged about the woman in Sacramento, CA, who participated in a water-drinking contest at a radio station then died of hyponatremia. Her family sued the radio station, and the case is currently in trial. Now I have an update for you, courtesy of this article in the Sacramento Bee. The family of the… read more

Medical Malpractice in Prisons | Can Prisoners File Lawsuits?

Prison is punishment, but how far should that punishment go? Should prisoners expect certain rights and accommodations? Shouldn’t they be treated like human beings? Katherine Anderson (now Newcomb) may have wondered this as she served 17 months at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Oregon, the state’s only women’s prison. Anderson nearly died of congestive heart… read more

Law Requiring Washington Hospitals to Report Never Events

Washington State has a law that requires hospitals to report “never event” medical errors. The funny thing is, the hospitals aren’t filing the reports. So, now the Washington State Department of Health is investigating the reasons for this. An investigation by Hearst Newspaper (chronicled in a series of articles called Dead by Mistake) uncovered some… read more

Excessive Radiation Therapy Lawsuit | Sue for Radiation Injury

It’s bad enough to have to go through radiation, but to have excessive amounts of radiation zapped into you? Well, that’s what happened at Los Angeles’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for EIGHTEEN months. The hospital discovered that the resetting of a CT scan machine in February 2008 was responsible for radiation overdoses. Specifically, patients undergoing CT… read more