Skinned alive

So we are often discussing medical negligence and such, but this story about a dermatologist in Spokane, Washington, who was recently awarded a $600,000 settlement from Washington state health officials is interesting. What is most interesting is what the settlement was for. In made-for-television fashion, it is a sordid story about a vindictive ex-wife. Basically,… read more

More kidney failures

So here’s a bit more on the story of the hospital personnel throwing away a viable kidney. The incident took place at the University of Toledo Medical Center in Ohio. The hospital’s investigation concluded that it was indeed “human error” that led to the mistake. The kidney was donated by a brother to his sister…. read more

Heat pump shock

A Kansas man just won a nearly $10 million lawsuit against a heat pump manufacturer for getting shocked and severely injured from what he claims was defective manufacturing. A jury found the manufacturer 60 percent responsible for the accident and the remaining 40 percent was the Kansas man’s fault. Donald Chapman was jolted by 480… read more

No, the other kidney

Did you know that the most commonly transplanted organ is the kidney? In the United States alone last year, nearly 17,000 kidney transplants were performed. That’s a lot of kidneys, but I’m sure that anyone needing a kidney transplant will tell you it is serious business. That is why the accidental discarding of a kidney… read more