3 Companies Issued Warnings by FDA | Portland Trial Attorneys

It was recently discovered that duodenoscope may cause disease and infections that can prove fatal. The device is used during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ECRP) procedures. It was reported that two patients died because of infections supposedly caused by contaminated duodenoscopes. As such, manufacturers needed to update processing procedures for the device. During facilities searches in… read more

When fruit isn’t good for you

There’s been a rash of norovirus outbreaks lately. Last month there was a norovirus outbreak at a meeting for the Oregon Department of Forestry that was held in Forest Grove. The meeting was catered by Forest Grove restaurant Maggie’s Buns, which has been in business for some 16 years. The outbreak was likely caused by… read more

Compounding problems

So that compounding pharmacy that has been linked to the tainted steroids that have sickened more than 250 people and killed some 20 with fungal meningitis? It seems they have a license to do business here in Oregon, but they have been under investigation by the Oregon Board of Pharmacy before the steroid issue even… read more

Back Pain and Meningitis Don’t Mix

When you get prescription medication, whether it is from your pharmacy or administered by your doctor, you trust that it is safe and will cure or help whatever ails you. Well, perhaps thousands of people are probably pretty bummed out right now if they got steroid injections for back pain this year between July and… read more

More kidney failures

So here’s a bit more on the story of the hospital personnel throwing away a viable kidney. The incident took place at the University of Toledo Medical Center in Ohio. The hospital’s investigation concluded that it was indeed “human error” that led to the mistake. The kidney was donated by a brother to his sister…. read more

No, the other kidney

Did you know that the most commonly transplanted organ is the kidney? In the United States alone last year, nearly 17,000 kidney transplants were performed. That’s a lot of kidneys, but I’m sure that anyone needing a kidney transplant will tell you it is serious business. That is why the accidental discarding of a kidney… read more

Bracing for braces

Can you imagine having to wear braces for nearly a dozen years? Well, that is what happened to Devin Bost, formerly of Eugene, who first got braces at the tender age of seven. He was forced to wear braces until he was eighteen. He now claims that having to wear braces for so many years… read more

Medical errors on the rise … slightly

The Oregon Patient Safety Commission announced that reported hospital errors, also known as adverse events or never events, rose slightly in 2011 to 142 events. While this is somewhat of a disappointment, the commission is looking on the bright side, as the reporting of these errors by hospitals is voluntary, and the commission has been… read more

Hospitals and hepatitis

Who knows how something like this could happen, but some 44 people have filed a lawsuit against Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire for causing a hepatitis C outbreak. There outbreak, which started on May 10, is believed to have originated in the hospital’s cardiac catheterization lab. The group of patients is seeking class-action status. Though… read more

Not a crutch

It’s never pleasant when medical equipment fails, but if the failure directly affects your livelihood, it just adds insult to injury (no pun intended). That’s what happened to professional football player Jason Peters of the Philadelphia Eagles. Peters tore his Achilles tendon during training in the spring. He underwent surgery to repair it in early… read more