Whiplash and the Connection to Brain Injury

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries victims sustain in a car accident. However, there are also other ways for individuals to sustain whiplash injuries, including sports and recreation incidents, falls, physical assaults, and more. Anytime a person is in a situation where their body rapidly decelerates or accelerates, this can lead to a… read more

What is Considered a “Reasonable Person” When it Comes to Negligence?

If you or somebody you care about is involved in a personal injury case, there is one term that you will likely hear come up – “reasonable person.” While most of us have an understanding of what a reasonable person is, it is important to know that this phrase has a different meaning when it… read more

What Is A Common Carrier?

Even though you may have never heard of the phrase “common carrier,” the reality is that most of us have ridden in one at some point in our lives. Common carriers play a crucial role in our lives, whether we know it or not. Common carriers are any type of vehicle that moves individuals or… read more

Taking Action After Your Child Was Injured By A Toy

The last thing any parent should ever have to experience is their child being injured due to a defective toy. As a parent, you probably check toy labels to ensure that you are giving your child an age-appropriate and safe item to play with. However, if a toy is defective, this can lead to significant… read more