What Is Additur & Remittitur?

During a personal injury trial in Oregon, you may hear the terms additur and remittitur. These terms refer to options both parties have to request a different jury verdict. If the jury’s verdict does not satisfy one of the parties, it is possible to file a motion for the trial court to either increase the… read more

How to Get the Most Out of Your Free Consultation

Many personal injury lawyers offer “free consultations” or at least a free initial phone call to discuss your potential case. Learn how to get those most out of these meetings. If you were injured through no fault of your own, you may be considering retaining an attorney. The best way to find out whether you… read more

Explaining the Oregon Personal Injury Claim Process

Q: I believe I may have a personal injury claim for an accident I suffered in Oregon at the hands of others. Do I need to hire a personal injury lawyer to handle my case? How long does the entire process take? A: These are great questions about the Oregon personal injury claim process and… read more

Brain Injuries One Year Later | Brain Injury Attorney

The following is a guest blog courtesy of Dolan Law Offices in Chicago The effects of traumatic brain injuries often continue long after an accident occurs. The Brain Injury Association of America cites a study that indicates that 40% of patients who were hospitalized for traumatic brain injuries at the time of their accident continue… read more