Collision course

An eleven-year-old girl was killed and her triplet sisters injured when the school bus they were riding on collided with a dump truck in February of 2012 outside of Philadelphia. The parents of the girls just filed a lawsuit against the driver of the school bus, the driver of the dump truck, and the employers… read more

Caught Under the Bus

We have repeatedly blogged about TriMet bus accidents, and we know there have been many occasions where the TriMet drivers have certainly been at fault. The latest lawsuit to hit TriMet seems to be another case of TriMet driver error, but there isn’t enough information here to really know what the true story is. Timofey… read more

Raw milk woes

Do you ever ask yourself why milk is pasteurized? It isn’t some government plot; it’s because unpasteurized milk can contain E. coli 0157 bacteria. Cows naturally carry this bacteria in their intestinal tracts. Unfortunately, it can be fatal to humans. There are people who choose to drink raw milk, though, despite the possible dangers. The… read more

Say (no) cheese!

Del Bueno, a Washington State-based producer of Mexican-style cheese, has had listeria issues ever since it began production three years ago. The company has recently come to an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration to stop making cheese until the listeria problems are cleared up. Of course, that will involve a number of steps,… read more

Shot in the Back

There has been a lot of controversy over the shooting death of Aaron Campbell. In January of 2010 Portland Police officer Ronald Frashour shot and killed the unarmed Campbell and was later fired for his actions. Well, just last week a state arbitrator completed an investigation and concluded that Frashour should not have been fired… read more