I Was Injured by a UPS Truck

The United Parcel Service is one of the most well-known delivery companies in the world, and their brown trucks are a common site around all major cities across the country. However, what happens if you are involved in an accident and sustained an injury in an incident with a UPS truck? Who will pay the… read more

How Forced Arbitration Can Ruin your PI Claim

Many large corporations try to prevent themselves from getting into litigation by forcing consumers into something called forced arbitration. This is an alternative method to resolve a legal dispute, but it can be detrimental for an injury victim and their personal injury claim. Here, we want to discuss how forced arbitration can ruin a personal… read more

Truck Accidents Caused by Lack of Maintenance

Every trucking carrier must regularly inspect and maintain each vehicle in their fleet. This applies to companies that have hundreds of semi-trucks as well as individual independent owner-operators who may only have one or two trucks. Safety is of the utmost importance with these vehicles due to the sheer severity of any potential accident that… read more

Who Pays for Medical Bills After a Car Accident or Other Injury?

After sustaining an injury caused by the negligence of another, victims need to receive medical care quickly. In some cases, this medical care will need to be ongoing, but who pays all of these medical bills? It is important to understand how medical bills get paid after an injury occurs, particularly as a victim awaits… read more