Steps to Follow After a Pedestrian Collision

When pedestrians are struck by a vehicle, they often sustain severe injuries. These initial accident scene can be chaotic, but there are certain steps that victims (or those around them) can take to help ensure not only the victim’s well-being but also the integrity of any Portland pedestrian accident claim that arises. Examine Injuries and… read more

Do the Police Have Jurisdiction Over Private Property Accidents?

The vast majority of vehicle accidents that occur must be reported to the police, but what about accidents that occur on private property? These incidents can result in challenges when determining liability, and an accident report completed by a law enforcement officer can help. Here, we want to review what authority the police have over… read more

What Car Defects Commonly Cause Injuries?

Our vehicles are complex pieces of machinery. All of a vehicle’s parts make up what is supposed to be a well-running entity, but when one or more parts are defective, drivers and passengers could sustain injuries. Here, we want to examine some of the vehicle defects that commonly cause injuries to occupants, as well as… read more

What Role Do Eyewitnesses Play in a Personal Injury Case?

If you or a loved one sustains an injury due to the careless or negligent actions of another person or entity, there is often a chance of recovering compensation. This compensation could be recovered through an insurance claim or as a result of a personal injury lawsuit against the other party. These claims can be… read more

Choosing the Right Personal Injury Attorney

When a person sustains an injury due to the actions of another individual, business, or entity, they should be able to recover compensation for their losses. However, recovering compensation typically involves filing a personal injury lawsuit, which can be a complicated process. Injury victims would benefit from a skilled Portland personal injury lawyer, but the… read more

Steps to Take to Protect Your Home From Wildfire Damages

If you live in an area that might be in danger of wildfires, it is important to know how to protect your home. Wildfire damage can be catastrophic, but there are a few steps you can take to protect your home. Listed below are five effective steps for safeguarding your home against fire damage. If… read more

How is Liability for a Wildfire Determined?

If you own a forest, it is crucial that you understand your responsibilities. There are plenty of benefits to owning a forest, but with forest ownership comes the responsibility for controlling wildfires occurring on your property. Using equipment and tools such as chainsaws during fire season can cause wildfires and can increase the chance that… read more

Timeline of an Oregon Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you are in Oregon and are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, your hope is to be awarded fair compensation for the damages you incurred so that you can recover your losses. To recover compensation, your personal injury attorney will guide you each step of the way as you demonstrate how the at-fault party… read more

What Types of Bone Fractures Can a Car Accident Cause?

Fractured bones are one of the more serious injuries that can occur as a result of a car accident in Oregon and the surrounding areas. However, there are certain types of fractures that are more common than others in vehicle accidents. Here, we want to examine the types of bone fractures that a car accident… read more

Potential Long-Term Complications of Spinal Cord Injuries

After experiencing a spinal cord injury, other parts of the body experience complications that can develop years after the initial injury. A degraded quality of life and complications can arise. Long-term care and treatment are necessary but costly. When you need a Portland spinal cord injury laywer to fight for you, Paulson Colletti Trial Attorneys… read more