Medical records theft = no lawsuit

I don’t think anyone would disagree that it is never a good idea to leave anything in an unattended vehicle, especially not anything of value, and especially not something of value to hundreds of thousands of people. Well, that is just what happened in 2006 when an employee of Providence Health Services drove a hospital… read more

Stop with the sprouts already

I am a big fan of sprouts, but after all the various food borne illness outbreaks associated with sprouts, I am no longer going to consume them. Why take the chance? Sandwich chain Jimmy John’s keeps taking those chances, though they seem to have the best of intentions. They switched from problem-plagued alfalfa sprouts to… read more

Reading skills matter, especially with prescriptions

How many of you carefully check the labels on your prescription medication bottles when you get them from the pharmacy? Would you have noticed if you got Hydroxyzine instead of Hydralazine, and would you have known which one you actually needed? An elderly woman in Louisville, Kentucky, may have died because she received the wrong… read more

He Said, He Said: Cop Against Cop

Marva Davis, mother of Aaron Campbell, who was shot and killed by a Portland police officer in January 2010, has settled her wrongful death suit against the City of Portland for $1.2 million. Davis lost two sons that day; Campbell was upset over the death of his brother and talked of suicide. The police were… read more

Botched boat rescue leads to lawsuit

When is a rescue not a rescue? The wife of a powerboat racer who died during a boat race in Key West, Florida, in November 2011, is suing the producer of the Key West Super Boat World Championships as well as its medical directors for wrongful death. Priscilla Gratton’s husband, Joey Gratton, drowned in what… read more