Auto accident, family nightmare

On Halloween in 2006 18-year-old Nicole Catsouras of Orange County, CA, was killed in a gruesome car accident. If that weren’t awful enough, photographs from the accident scene ended up all over the Internet, thanks to a couple of highway patrol dispatchers who decided to leak them. On the night of her death, Nicole Catsouras… read more

Portland Police and Physical Fitness

I hate to pick on the Portland Police again, but I can’t really help it this time. At least this story isn’t about another Portland Police officer with a DUI. No, this is about paying Portland Police officers a “health and fitness premium” for taking a biometric screening. Basically, officers got paid an additional $739… read more

Shot in the Dark

This is a bit of a baffling story. The 3-year-old son of Ed Owens accidentally killed himself after he accessed a weapon from a defective gun safe in the home. At the time of the shooting in September of 2010, Owens was a sheriff’s deputy for Clark County. Owens claimed he was not aware the… read more

Step away from the steroids

Random drug testing of Portland Police officers is scheduled to begin this year, but the Portland Police Association (the union) is up in arms about it. Why? Because the random drug testing will include testing for steroids. Plenty of other police forces around the country include steroids in their random drug testing, but the local… read more

Dr. Feelbad

We’ve posted several times about the anesthesiologist in The Dalles who sexually abused a number of his female patients. Dr. Frederick Field was accused of raping one female and sexually abusing nearly a dozen others. He worked at Mid-Columbia Medical Center in The Dalles, and the hospital claimed it took all the complaints seriously. It… read more

Beyond Pest Control

Beware of the exterminator, or at least what the exterminator is spreading around your house. Two members of a family in Utah died after rat poison was sprayed around their house. Rebecca Kay Toone, 4 years old, and 15-month-old Rachel Ana Toone had higher than normal phosphorus levels in their systems upon death. The rat… read more