Can Car Crashes Directly Cause Heart Attacks?

Heart attacks are most often the result of pre-existing health conditions influenced by environmental factors or genetics. However, traumatic events such as car crashes may directly cause heart attacks, leading to severe personal injury in Oregon car accidents. Other injuries to the heart are more commonly the result of car accidents and should be treated… read more

What Conditions Are Mistaken for Heart Failure?

Failing to recognize the signs of a medical complication or mistaking them for another can lead to critical misdiagnosis errors in Oregon healthcare. While heart failure is a severe problem, other underlying conditions may create the same symptoms as heart failure, leading to misdiagnosis and worsening of diseases that become life-threatening. A Portland misdiagnosis lawyer… read more

Surgical Burns: How Do They Occur?

Individuals preparing to undergo surgery may feel anxious about a procedure and its outcome but never consider that surgical medical equipment and materials may cause severe accidental burns during surgery. Burns may result in significant injury to a patient, complicating the recovery process and causing long-term, unanticipated damage. Patients are protected and have rights under… read more

Potential Long-Term Effects of a Serious Burn

The skin is the body’s largest organ tasked with regulating its temperature and is the body’s first defense against infection. Severe burns to the skin compromise the entire body’s health, putting individuals at risk of other diseases. Treatment for burn injuries in Oregon is critical to mitigate these potential long-term effects. If an injury was… read more

What to Expect After Filing an Oregon Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Persisting through the daily struggles following a healthcare crisis resulting from medical negligence may invoke a feeling of reticence to begin legal action. Or you may have already begun the legal process but wonder what comes next after filing a Portland, OR medical malpractice lawsuit. It is an acceptable expectation to have questions, and we… read more

How Long Does a Typical Wrongful Death Lawsuit Take in Oregon?

After losing a loved one to negligence in Oregon, filing a wrongful death lawsuit is a legal right. This action allows the family or personal representative of the deceased to seek compensation for damages. But after the emotional turmoil of loss, taking legal action may feel too overwhelming of a task to start or to… read more

What is Overtreatment & How Can it Be Prevented?

Most people would probably say they’d rather be overtreated than undertreated when they have some kind of medical condition, but the reality is that overtreatment can cause significant medical issues as well. Between 2019 and 2021, the government says the Medicare program spent as much as $2.4 billion on unnecessary coronary stents. This is just… read more

Common Causes of Heart Failures & Potential Treatment Errors

Our hearts are robust. They’ve been with us for our entire lives, beating and giving us the opportunity to live, work, and enjoy time with loved ones. But hearts can get sick, too. Heart failure means a person’s heart no longer pumps as well as it should. Typically, heart failure does not mean immediate death…. read more

What is Overdiagnosis?

What is overdiagnosis, and how would you even know if you have been overdiagnosed? Overdiagnosis is a relatively new term used in the medical community, and it does not refer to a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis. A misdiagnosis is a wrong diagnosis. For example, diagnosing an individual with cancer when they only have a… read more

How Must Medical Treatment Meet a Standard of Care?

When you receive care from a medical professional, you expect to receive the best possible care from whichever providers you visit. The medical standard of care is the guiding force for medical treatment throughout this country and applies to virtually all medical settings. Here, we want to define the standard of care, examine some ways… read more