Mega Problems for Megabus

Obviously Portland is not the only city that has issues with buses. There’s a bus company in the Midwest and East called Megabus that offers low-price tickets that has had its share of accidents. In 2010 a Megabus hit and killed a man, and in 2012 a Megabus hit and killed a woman in downtown… read more

Do you need an Oregon personal injury attorney?

Personal injury law runs a wide spectrum from auto accidents, to birth injuries due to medical negligence, to wrongful death cases. However, if you were injured due to the negligence and fault of others, you will most certainly want to consult an experienced Oregon personal injury attorney to see if you are entitled to damages… read more

When to Hire an Oregon Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents, injury and death are all common occurrences. However, when people are harmed due to the negligence or fault of another entity such as a person or company, they may need an experienced personal injury attorney to represent them. Personal injury refers to the physical, emotional, or mental harm that was the result of someone… read more

Dental Implant Nerve Injuries

More people are electing to have dental implant surgery than ever before. A clinical report titled: “Dental implants: a different perspective Part one” shows that the number of dental implants in USA increased 10-fold between 1983 and 2002; with over 700,000 implants inserted annually with a sustained growth of 9.4% for the next several years…. read more