Mega Problems for Megabus

Obviously Portland is not the only city that has issues with buses. There’s a bus company in the Midwest and East called Megabus that offers low-price tickets that has had its share of accidents. In 2010 a Megabus hit and killed a man, and in 2012 a Megabus hit and killed a woman in downtown Chicago.

Also in 2012 a Megabus traveling from Chicago to St. Louis got into an accident when one of the bus tires blew. The driver, a trainee at the time of the accident, was commended by state police for how he handled the out-of-control bus, but the accident still resulted in one fatality and dozens of injuries. One of the victims, Yanxin Zhou, recently filed a lawsuit against the bus company. Also named in the lawsuit are the Megabus’s parent company, Coach USA, the tire manufacturer, and the driver, Preston Taylor. Zhou is suing for $50,000.