Leading Causes of Medical Diagnostic Errors

A simple mistake by a tired doctor reading a scan could mean that you find yourself suffering from a disease that continues to spread and may claim your life. Unfortunately, at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we see a lot of these types of Portland medical malpractice claims, and you can expect our legal team… read more

Recognizing Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse During Medical Care

When getting medical care, patients put a lot of trust in their providers, often assuming that no doctor or nurse will do anything to harm them. Yet, that is not always what occurs, and sometimes the worst can happen. If your healthcare provider caused harm to you or your family member, you have the right… read more

What Drugs Can Cause Kidney Damage?

The kidneys are a powerful waste removal system in the body, but certain medications can inhibit their ability to function in their vital roles. The bones and our blood benefit from their function through the kidneys’ production of hormones and Vitamin D. Becoming aware of the common drugs that can cause kidney damage or may… read more

Can Incorrect Dosage Cause Organ Damage?

Medications used to treat illness can become the culprit of organ damage when practitioners prescribe incorrect dosages. Some of the most distressing cases a Portland medication prescription error attorney witnesses are those injuries that are preventable through proper care. Organ damage due to incorrect dosage is a critical error that can lead to death, and… read more

Risk Factors for Bladder Cancer

Avoiding risk factors that increase the chances of developing bladder cancer can help individuals lead healthier, fuller lives. It is vital to note that while some exposures can be prevented, other risk factors cannot be changed. Recognizing bladder cancer risk can help individuals understand the potential to develop the disease, seek help more expediently, and… read more

What Medications Can Cause Incontinence?

Incontinence can produce embarrassing moments, making it difficult to spend extended time away from home without preparation for bladder leaks. Multiple factors can contribute to urinary incontinence, but some of the factors may be controllable with a simple adjustment of medications or the time of day a medication is taken. Commonly prescribed drugs to treat… read more