What Drugs Can Cause Kidney Damage?

The kidneys are a powerful waste removal system in the body, but certain medications can inhibit their ability to function in their vital roles. The bones and our blood benefit from their function through the kidneys’ production of hormones and Vitamin D. Becoming aware of the common drugs that can cause kidney damage or may… read more

Can Incorrect Dosage Cause Organ Damage?

Medications used to treat illness can become the culprit of organ damage when practitioners prescribe incorrect dosages. Some of the most distressing cases a Portland medication prescription error attorney witnesses are those injuries that are preventable through proper care. Organ damage due to incorrect dosage is a critical error that can lead to death, and… read more

Prescription Medication Errors

Studies have shown that approximately 60% of all adults in the US take some form of prescription medication. Utilization of these medications is particularly high for those with chronic health conditions and for elderly people. Prescription medications help ensure that we can heal after receiving a diagnosis and they also help maintain our overall well-being…. read more