What is the Difference Between a Complete or Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating and lead to significant short or long-term disabilities. There are various ways to classify spinal cord injuries, beginning with determining whether or not the injury is considered “complete” or “incomplete.” Examining the differences between a complete and incomplete spinal cord injury is important, particularly when it comes to examining… read more

Signs of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injuries can have significant short- and long-term effects on victims. Unfortunately, these injuries occur in a wide variety of ways, often due to the careless or negligent actions of others. Here, we want to discuss the most common signs of a traumatic brain injury. If you suspect that you or a loved one… read more

What is Post-Traumatic Amnesia?

Anytime a person experiences a traumatic event, their body is likely to undergo various types of temporary or long-term changes. Post-traumatic amnesia can occur after a person experiences unconsciousness, regains consciousness, and then struggles to form continuous day-to-day memories. The definition of post-traumatic amnesia has been expanded to explain the state of disorientation to time,… read more

What Is Cauda Equina Syndrome?

Cauda equina syndrome is an emergency condition forming in the lower back that typically requires surgery. Individuals with cauda equina syndrome are often admitted to the hospital right away so they can undergo treatment. Here, we want to properly define this rare disorder, discuss its effects on our body, and talk about how this happens… read more

What Are the Causes and Effects of Brain-Stem Injuries?

The brainstem is the structure located at the base of our skull and in our neck area that connects the cerebrum of the brain to the spinal cord and cerebellum. The stem is composed of four separate sections, and an injury to this area of the body could have devastating consequences for the injured individual…. read more

Can A Traumatic Brain Injury Worsen Over Time?

Traumatic brain injuries often lead to a range of short- and long-term consequences for victims. In many cases, a person is only temporarily disabled and able to make a complete recovery. Unfortunately, there are times when a traumatic brain injury worsens over time. Here, we want to discuss why a brain injury might worsen and… read more

Can a Brain Injury Occur Without Loss of Consciousness?

Brain injuries are some of the most devastating injuries that can happen to a person. They have a range of consequences for victims, from short- to long-term disabilities. In some cases, a brain injury leads to the need for lifelong care. However, one question many people have is – Can a person suffer a brain… read more