I was Injured on an Inversion Table

Inversion tables are marketed as products to help alleviate back pain. However, what happens when an inversion table causes a person to sustain a severe injury. The health claims made by inversion table companies are questionable at best, and there have been inversion table injuries throughout the country. Here, we want to discuss inversion table… read more

Work Zone Accidents

Every state across the country imposes stiff penalties on drivers who operate unsafely around work zones near the roadway. Unfortunately, accidents in these areas still occur. In some cases, liability for these incidents falls to the driver involved. However, there are also times when the construction company or even a state government agency could be… read more

What Is Cauda Equina Syndrome?

Cauda equina syndrome is an emergency condition forming in the lower back that typically requires surgery. Individuals with cauda equina syndrome are often admitted to the hospital right away so they can undergo treatment. Here, we want to properly define this rare disorder, discuss its effects on our body, and talk about how this happens… read more