What is the Elder Justice Act?

Elder abuse is something that should never occur but happens far too often mean the Pacific Northwest. Information available from the National Council on Aging shows that nearly one out of every ten individuals over the age of 60 experience abuse each year, but only a fraction of those cases are actually reported to authorities…. read more

Sepsis in Nursing Homes

When an individual receives care in a nursing home, they should not have to worry about whether or not they will be treated with compassion. Nobody should have to wonder whether they will receive adequate medical care in a nursing home facility. Unfortunately, sepsis, the body’s extreme response to infections, does occur regularly in nursing… read more

Nursing Home Bedbugs | Portland Personal Injury Lawyer

Recent data reveals that poor sanitation in U.S. nursing homes may be worse than we first thought. Last year, three out of five pest control technicians reported finding bed bugs in nursing homes, a 46% increase from the year prior. More than half of all nursing homes may be infested with bed bugs, report pest… read more

Neglect in Nursing Home Leads to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Sorry, but here’s another nightmare story about an elderly patient who suffered extreme neglect at the nursing home paid to care for her. Alice Train suffered from dementia and diabetes but was otherwise mobile when she entered the Evergreen Milton-Freewater Health and Rehabilitation Center. Her condition dangerously deteriorated in less than two months and, according… read more