Can a C-Section Incision Become Infected?

A Cesarean section, or C-section, is a method for delivery of an unborn child in which a doctor creates an incision along the abdominal wall to gain access to the child. This process carries many risks with it, and like all types of surgery, there is the risk of a C-section incision becoming infected. If… read more

How Do Ethics Factor Into the Medical Field?

Every day, doctors must make decisions about the type of care to provide to patients. Most of the time, they make those decisions based on the evidence presented and their training. Yet, there are times when mistakes occur. We also have to consider the role that ethics play in the medical field and how that… read more

Is It Safe to Induce Labor with Misoprostol?

There are many situations where doctors induce labor, including due to the size of the child or the health risks to either the mother or father. However, the methods they can use can be dangerous and put others at risk. One of the most problematic methods is to use a drug called misoprostol. If you… read more

5 Neurological Symptoms to Be Aware Of

If you are in a car accident or suffer injuries as the result of another type of accident, you may mistakenly believe that your physical injuries are easy to notice. Yet, there are many types of neurological symptoms that can develop over time, indicating that you may have suffered a traumatic brain injury. If that… read more

Common Types of Medical Discharge Negligence

Getting out of the hospital is usually good news for patients, but the reality is that there are various ways a person can sustain further injury or illness due to discharge negligence. Regardless of the reason a person is in the hospital or another type of medical facility, there are procedures in place for properly… read more

How Can Patient Abandonment Be a Form of Medical Malpractice?

Patient abandonment happens when a doctor, nurse, or other type of healthcare provider unreasonably ends a doctor-patient relationship. In general, there are specific requirements in place for the ending of this relationship to be considered medical malpractice. When those requirements are met, it may be possible to pursue a Portland medical malpractice lawsuit. What is… read more

Delayed Cancer Treatments Increase Risk of Adverse Outcomes

When a person has an injury or illness, prompt medical treatment is the priority. This is particularly true for cancer, which is something that requires quick care in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Unfortunately, cancer treatment could be delayed for various reasons, including mistakes made by a healthcare professional. In such a case,… read more

Handling the Aftermath of a Cancer Misdiagnosis

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is life-changing. A misdiagnosis related to cancer can be even more devastating. There are various reasons why a person may receive a cancer misdiagnosis. Sometimes, a misdiagnosis occurs due to the negligent actions of a medical provider. Here, we want to discuss the process of handling this situation as well as… read more

What Is the Timeline of a Car Accident Lawsuit in Oregon?

When you are in a car accident, you expect to receive compensation from the incident quickly, allowing you to fix your car, pay your medical bills, and move on. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. There are many instances in which a car accident lawsuit becomes a necessary step in the process, especially if insurance… read more

Key Facts About Oregon Personal Injury Lawsuits

You were hurt because of another person’s actions or mistakes, and you expect them to cover those losses. However, there are a variety of factors that often limit this, which is why having a legal team like Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC working for you is so important. Here are several key facts about Portland,… read more