Who Is Liable for a Crosswalk Collision?

Car accidents involving pedestrians can be fatal. In any situation where an unprotected individual comes into contact with a moving vehicle, the pedestrian generally possesses the short end of the stick. This comes with moderate to severe injury, especially if an accident occurs at a busy intersection. Each state establishes their own laws regarding pedestrian… read more

What Is Inattentive Blindness?

Every driver has a shared duty to all others on the roadway: the duty to pay attention. Keeping one’s eyes on the road is a crucial part of exercising a reasonable standard of care as a driver. Yet thousands of drivers ignore this duty and mistakenly believe they can do other things while driving. Sadly,… read more

What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

It is common to hear about maximum medical improvement during a personal injury claim – particularly during a workplace injury claim. During a workers’ compensation claim or civil lawsuit for a job-related injury, it is necessary to determine the employee’s level of disability, if any. The level of disability can decide if, when, and how… read more

Who Pays for a Rental Car After an Accident in the State of Oregon?

Renting a car might be a requirement after damaging or totaling yours in a car accident in Oregon. You still need to drive to work, the grocery store, and to pick up your kids from school. You may wonder, however, who is responsible for covering the costs of your rental car – especially if you… read more

How Can I Get a Vehicle History Report?

Buying a used car can be a great option for anyone who needs a vehicle but does not want the extra expense of a brand new one. However, purchasing a used vehicle comes with a degree of uncertainty. It is essential for anyone shopping for a pre-owned vehicle to know how to secure a vehicle… read more

Could You Be Experiencing PTSD After a Car Crash?

Car accidents are frightening experiences, and those who witness the aftermath of serious car accidents may develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Nearly 10% of all people who experience car accidents develop PTSD, and such a diagnosis from single-incident trauma can require complex long-term treatment. What Is PTSD? PTSD is a psychological condition that devlops in… read more

How a Car Accident Can Change Your Life

Car accidents are stressful, damaging events that can have a wide range of effects. While many drivers may simply consider accidents a dangerous possibility that can lead to injuries and vehicle repairs, they may not realize the full scope of the possible damages a car accident can cause. Some individuals suffer severe physical injuries that… read more

What Is a Lawsuit Loan?

When an individual suffers a personal injury, a personal injury lawsuit offers the best chance of recovery from the resulting damages. However, the legal process is time-consuming and many personal injury cases take months or even several years to reach conclusions. Additionally, a defendant may receive a judgment and then appeal the decision, dragging legal… read more

Record $10 million judgment awarded in death of Washington County jail inmate

A federal judge has approved a $10 million judgment against Corizon Health, Washington County and other defendants, settling a lawsuit brought by the parents of a 26-year-old woman who died pleading for medical help while detoxingfrom heroin in the Washington County jail. Madaline Pitkin died on April 24, 2014, on her seventh day at the… read more

What Are Survival Statutes?

Survival statutes protect an injured person’s right to recover compensatory damages for an accident even after he or she dies. In the event of death, the estate of the deceased can pursue legal action against the negligent party and receive compensatory damages. A person does not need to die from his or her injuries immediately…. read more