Nursing Homes in Need of Nursing

The other day I blogged about the sad state of a local nursing home. Sadly, poor care in nursing homes is not isolated to this one local hospital. An article in the December 18, 2008, issue of the New York Times reports on the latest federal grades for the nation’s nursing homes, and the findings… read more

Help! I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up.

We’ve all read stories about the atrocities that can happen in nursing homes. The combination of poor care and relatively helpless patients is a bad one. In October 2006, 60-year-old patient Linda Ober was dropped by two employees at the Gateway Care and Retirement Center. The fall resulted in two broken legs, but Ober’s cries… read more

Emergency for Emergency Rooms

The American College of Emergency Physicians just published its 2009 National Report Card on the State of Emergency Medicine, which ranks emergency rooms across the nation. The study assesses five criteria, including access to emergency care, quality and patient safety environment, medical liability environment, public health and injury prevention, and disaster preparedness. How did Oregon… read more

Black Friday Stampede Causes Death

If news about the economy isn’t depressing enough, then what about the story about the Wal-Mart security temp who got trampled to death by Black Friday bargain hunters? Is getting $20 off a vacuum cleaner or what have you so important that you have to get up in the middle of the night and fight… read more

Oregon State Bar Award of Appreciation

Jane Paulson was recognized last night with four other members of the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association by the President of the Oregon State Bar, Rick Yugler, with the President’s Special Award of Appreciation. The award is a discretionary award of the president of the bar, with the concurrence of the board, presented to a person… read more