Get Off the Bus

There are always two sides to a story. Which one do you believe? Well, remember that TriMet bus driver who kicked a woman and her crying child off the bus because the baby was crying? A similar situation occurred the other day on a bus in Forest Grove. A mother and her children were allegedly… read more

Hospitals and hepatitis

Who knows how something like this could happen, but some 44 people have filed a lawsuit against Exeter Hospital in New Hampshire for causing a hepatitis C outbreak. There outbreak, which started on May 10, is believed to have originated in the hospital’s cardiac catheterization lab. The group of patients is seeking class-action status. Though… read more

Hollandaise Daze

Portlanders love to go out for breakfast, but there is a small group of breakfast eaters who aren’t in love with the eggs benedict served at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in NE Portland. A year ago a group of county commissioners gathered for a nationwide meeting. A handful of the attendees ate eggs benedict at… read more

One Messy Crash

A St. Louis family that was involved in a 2009 fatal accident when a car being pursued by the police crashed into their car was recently awarded $3.1 million in damages by a jury. The suit was filed against the village of Uplands Park, where the crash took place and which employed the police officers… read more

Not part of the bargain

Let’s say you belong to an online dating service, and you meet someone. You go out for several dates then have unprotected sex. Afterwards you find out the other person has a sexually transmitted disease, and then you contract that disease. What do you do? This happened to a middle-aged Beaverton divorcee in 2010, and… read more

Wrongful birth strikes again

Having a child should be one of the most joyful events in a person’s life, but what do you do when that child is born with a severe medical impairment? in some cases, you sue your medical providers. That is what Anna and Cory Miller of the Portland area have chosen to do. Their baby… read more