What Is Inattentive Blindness?

Every driver has a shared duty to all others on the roadway: the duty to pay attention. Keeping one’s eyes on the road is a crucial part of exercising a reasonable standard of care as a driver. Yet thousands of drivers ignore this duty and mistakenly believe they can do other things while driving. Sadly,… read more

What Are Delayed Symptoms?

Some injuries, such as broken bones, a victim can immediately recognize they are there. The accident victim will experience pain, the inability to move the affected limb, and other signs that something is wrong. Other injuries, however, may have hidden or delayed symptoms. Delayed symptoms may become noticeable later, after the adrenaline from the accident… read more

Who Pays for a Rental Car After an Accident in the State of Oregon?

Renting a car might be a requirement after damaging or totaling yours in a car accident in Oregon. You still need to drive to work, the grocery store, and to pick up your kids from school. You may wonder, however, who is responsible for covering the costs of your rental car – especially if you… read more