Did a Defective Airbag Cause My Injury?

Vehicle accidents often result in injuries, but sometimes these injuries are caused by the various safety devices used to prevent injuries. This can include airbags. Not all airbag injuries are the result of a defective airbag. Sometimes, individuals do sustain minor abrasions or contusions as a result of the deploying airbag when a crash occurs…. read more

What Are Three Types Of Product Defects?

Defective products can lead to significant injuries or illnesses for consumers. There are a variety of ways that products can become defective, but there are typically three main types of product defects that form the umbrella of just about everything that can go wrong with the items we use and consume every day. This includes… read more

Are Drugs Covered by Product Liability Laws?

Millions of Americans rely on prescription medications to help prevent illnesses or alleviate pain and suffering. However, there are times when pharmaceuticals cause injuries and illnesses. If you or somebody you care about have been injured due to a faulty prescription medication, it may certainly be possible to file a product liability lawsuit against the… read more

Unsafe Gas Appliance Injuries

Many individuals in the state of Oregon use gas-powered appliances. Even though these appliances generally operate the way they are supposed to without incident, there are times when injuries can be caused by unsafe gas appliances. Here, we want to discuss what types of gas appliances can become unsafe as well as the steps you… read more

What is Strict Products Liability?

Defective products can cause significant injuries or illnesses for consumers. When this occurs, injury victims should be able to recover compensation from the product company, manufacturer, distributor, seller, or another party responsible for the product. In these cases, the concept of “strict liability” will arise. Strict product liability has to do with the company or… read more

What Should I Do If My Car Was Recalled?

We hear about vehicle recalls all the time. In some cases, we see entire vehicles facing recalls due to safety issues with the design. However, what happens much more often is that individual parts in a vehicle face recall because they are flawed. When a recall occurs, the car manufacturer will typically send notice to… read more

The Three Types of Products Liability Suits

Any time someone purchases a product for themselves or their families to use or consume, the last thing they expect is that they will be injured because the product was defective. Unfortunately, faulty products make it onto store shelves and into our households on a regular basis. Not a day goes by when there are… read more

What is a Toxic Tort?

Most people will not be familiar with the term “toxic tort.” This term refers to a lawsuit brought by a person who has been harmed due to exposure to a dangerous substance. A toxic tort lawsuit in Portland or throughout the state of Oregon can be a very complex legal situation. Here, we want to… read more

NE Portland Pileup Leaves 4 Injured | Paulson Coletti

Earlier this week, a car accident occurred in Northeast Portland involving three vehicles on the 13900 block of Northeast Glisan Street around 139th Avenue. Preliminary investigations determined that just prior to 8:00 p.m., Driver 1 lost control of the 2002 Acura TL and collided with a 2008 Toyota Corolla, driven by Driver 2 with Passenger… read more

Trek Bicycles Recalled | Portland Product Liability Attorney

Nearly one million Trek brand bicycles are being recalled over a safety hazard that resulted in one bicyclist becoming paralyzed. Trek has issued a recall of nearly one million of its bicycles for a defective component. According to reports, a quick release lever on the bicycle can get in the way of the brakes, which… read more