Ford Recalls Due to Product Defects

Ford Motor Company recently announced a recall of 1.17 million trucks, suv’s and vans due to defective sensors in the vehicles engines which caused stalling. The recall applies to vehicles manufactured from 1997-2003 model years which are equipped with 7.3 liter diesel engines. Models include the E-series vans, Excursions, and F450 and F 550 Super Duty trucks.

There have been 14 accidents reportedly associated with the defects. If you own such a vehicle it is important to have the vehicle repaired by an authorized mechanic to ensure the recall is appropriately performed. Automobile manufacturers maintain records according to vehicle identification number and are able to track whether or not the recall repair was performed upon your vehicle and when. If you recently purchased a vehicle or own a vehicle which is affected by the recall it is important to check with your local Ford dealership to ensure that your vehicle was repaired. Recall repairs are frequently performed during routine maintenance but unfortunately some vehicles are missed leading to the mistaken belief by the owner that recall work was performed.

At Paulson Coletti, we are experienced at representing clients injured as the result of defective automobiles, including injuries caused by a manufacturer’s failure to perform recall repairs. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns regarding a potential case involving automobile or product defects.