What Are The Oregon Jaywalking Laws?

Pedestrian safety is incredibly important, and there are several laws in place in Oregon to help ensure pedestrians are safe in and around the roadways. Most of the laws enacted to ensure pedestrian safety revolve around the actions that must be taken by drivers to keep pedestrians safe. However, many people wonder about jaywalking and… read more

What Are Oregon’s Seat Belt Laws?

Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death throughout the country, and the Oregon Department of Transportation says that there were more than 50,000 total traffic collisions during the latest reporting year of data. Out of these incidents, the DOT reports that there were approximately 40,000 injuries and 502 total fatalities. One of the most… read more

Subrogation: What It Is and How It Applies to Car Insurance

The term subrogation is not one that most people hear on a regular basis, and it refers to the paying back of a debt that was paid on someone’s behalf. While that may sound simple on the surface, this can become complicated when it comes to car accident insurance. Most people have a general understanding… read more

Is Lane Splitting Legal In Oregon?

If you own a motorcycle in Oregon, then your number one priority is probably safety. Motorcyclists enjoy riding their vehicles throughout this state. Unfortunately, the Oregon Department of Transportation states that there were more than 1,000 motorcycle crash injuries and 85 motorcycle crash fatalities reported during the latest year of data available. In nearby California,… read more

Is Brake Checking Illegal In Oregon?

When you are driving, there are undoubtedly times when someone follows you a bit too closely for comfort. Conversely, there may be times when you are in a hurry and end up following somebody else too closely. On the roadways, it is never a good idea to tailgate another vehicle. Tailgating can lead to serious… read more