Roll Over Land Rover

There hasn’t been much talk lately about the dangers of rollover accidents. I guess there are plenty of other issues grabbing the headlines! There are still plenty of lawsuits concerning rollovers, however. Recently Jaguar Land Rover was ordered to pay $21.1 million in damages to a man who was involved in a rollover accident while… read more

The Weather Is Heating Up, So Make Sure Your Windows Are Safe

Last summer we blogged about window safety and the dangers posed by open windows, especially for children. Even if windows are screened, children can and have pushed through the screens and fallen out. Well, the weather here in Portland just got nice, and what happened? A four-year-old boy fell to his death from a second-story… read more

Medical Devices Shouldn’t Be Experimental

I think most of us are raised to believe that we should trust our doctors and follow their advice. Sure, we should believe that our doctors have our best interests at heart, but we should also be informed, and sometimes this means you have to do your own research and act as your own advocate…. read more

The (In)convenience of Frozen Foods

An interesting article in the New York Times explores the sad state of food safety today. As more and more food manufacturers look to global suppliers, and as the supply chain becomes more complex, safety is often overlooked or simply becomes too difficult to oversee. The article looks to the salmonella food contamination outbreak in… read more

A Major Pain in the…Shoulder

Recently we blogged about shoulder pain pumps and the damage they can cause in patients. Specifically, these pain pumps used on shoulders following arthroscopic surgery can cause chondrolysis, a condition marked by cartilage damage and severe pain in the shoulder joint. Sufferers of chondrolysis generally must rely on pain medication or shoulder joint replacement surgery… read more

Living with Leakage

Childbirth and aging can have some unpleasant effects on your bladder, but you may want to think twice before undergoing any medical procedures to fix the problem. Nobody wants to leak urine, so it’s understandable that women suffering from stress urinary incontinence would turn to medical alternatives, such as a vaginal sling–a mesh device inserted… read more