Oh, Nuts! | Personal Injury Law Blog

This is not a good time for lovers of peanut butter. What began as a cautionary recall of peanut butter products has blossomed into a full-scale assault, with more than 400 products recalled. According to a January 28, 2009 article in the New York Times, some eight people have died and more than 500 across… read more

Volunteer – It’s Good for You

What a change! We have a new President. A President who not only recommended people consider the Martin Luther King holiday as a National Day of Service but President Obama volunteered. He is a new leader for our country. My friend Wendy Siri and I took the opportunity to volunteer on Monday. We wanted our… read more

Make a List and Check It Twice

Back in August 2008, we blogged about the somewhat alarming increase in medical “never events”–serious medical errors, such as leaving surgical instruments inside patients or giving patients the wrong medication. Well, it now appears many of those medical errors, in particular surgical errors, can be avoided. In January 2009 the New England Journal of Medicine… read more

High-Mileage Blues

The “Big Three” U.S. automakers are struggling these days, but many might agree their woes are due in some part to poor manufacturing as well as poor design. While other automakers focused on fuel economy and hybrids over the past decade, the Big Three continued to crank out gas-guzzling sports utility vehicles. However, not everyone… read more