TriMet Tales, Continued | Portland Bus Accident Attorney

TriMet continues its overview of safety procedures in the wake of the tragic bus accident that killed two and injured three others. So far the bus driver has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing, and TriMet has implemented some changes to several bus routes. The agency has stated its belief that one of the primary factors… read more

One Way to Improve Surgical Outcomes | Medical Malpractice Lawyer

The other day I read in the Seattle PI about a new system some local hospitals have been using in order to cut back on the number of hospital infections. It includes a lot of checks and balances and colleagues checking on one another. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well today I saw this… read more

The Dangers of Left Turns by Buses | Portland Bus Accident Lawyer

TriMet has been under increasing scrutiny after the recent left-turn bus accident that left two dead and three injured. The agency was initially hesitant to change bus routes to eliminate or decrease left turns but has since changed its tune and implemented changes to three of its downtown routes. There is plenty of evidence that… read more

Children’s Medications – Safe Or Not?

When parents administer over-the-counter pediatric medicines to their children, they most likely trust that these medicines are safe and have been produced in a tightly controlled environment with the best equipment. It is not an unreasonable assumption. After all, medicine is supposed to help rather than hurt. Sadly, an article in the Washington Post reveals… read more

Cell Phone-Chatting Cop + Poor Judgment = Bad News

A wrongful death suit was filed against the State of Illinois in the Court of Claims that seeks damages of $46 million for the death of two sisters. The Uhl sisters, one 18 and one 13, were driving in a car when it was hit by an Illinois State Trooper who was traveling more than… read more

Tri-Met Settles Case – Pedestrian Run Over in Crosswalk

We settled our case with Tri-Met from a 1/25/08 incident. In the incident, our client, Pat, was run over by a Tri-Met bus, in a crosswalk, with the light, while the Tri-Met bus was making a left turn. The Tri-Met driver, still employed by Tri-Met last we were told, saw Pat on the sidewalk with… read more