Don’t Touch That Dough

One of the best things about making chocolate chip cookies has got to be taking bites of the raw cookie dough. Unfortunately, if you recently bought Nestle’s Toll House cookie or brownie dough and sampled the raw dough, you may have gotten sick, as some of the dough was found to be tainted with the… read more

Not the Cure for the Common Cold

Recently we blogged about the dangers of zinc buildup as a result of long-term use of denture creams, and now it seems zinc once again rears its ugly head! The popular over-the-counter cold remedy, Zicam, can allegedly harm or destroy a user’s sense of smell. Only the nasal products are involved. Since 1999, when Zicam… read more

Chew on This: Dangers of Denture Creams

It’s always discouraging to learn that an everyday product can be harmful to your health. A number of lawsuits now indicate that long-term use of denture creams can cause serious medical problems, including the buildup of zinc in one’s system and neurological issues. It took some time for doctors to recognize that neurological problems in… read more

Guess What? There Is No Medical Malpractice Conspiracy.

You’ve heard it before– medical malpractice lawsuits are completely out of control, leading to exorbitant rates for medical malpractice insurance and bringing the medical industry to the brink of disaster. Well, turns out that may not be true. The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), an independent organization geared toward policy reform, just completed… read more

Not Everyone Hates Attorneys

You may recall the horrific Staten Island Ferry accident in 2003 that left 11 of the estimated 1,500 passengers dead and many more hurt. The accident spurred more than 170 lawsuits. The highest amount went to James McMillan, Jr., who was paralyzed in the maritime accident and suffered the most severe injuries save death. McMillan… read more

Score One for Bicyclists

An appellate court in Brooklyn, New York, recently ruled that bicycling is a leisure, as opposed to sporting, activity, paving the way for a lawsuit filed by a bicyclist involved in a bicycling accident caused by roadwork. The lawsuit contends the road construction company left the road in an unsafe state, thus causing the bicyclist’s… read more