Medical errors: To report, or not to report

Did you know there is a statewide patient safety program that requires hospitals to notify in writing any patient affected by a serious medical error? Well, neither do a lot of the hospitals! The Oregonian just reported that this “required” written notification took place less than half the time. In fact, of the 80 cases… read more

Diaper don’ts

Back in May of last year we posted about the class-action complaint against Procter & Gamble and its diapers featuring DryMax technology. Many parents grew concerned that diapers featuring DryMax were causing severe skin irritations, including rashes and burns. Pampers is one of the brands that used DryMax. Well, Procter & Gamble just announced it… read more

TriMet Warning System Goes Kaput

Back in March we posted about the audible warning system being tested by TriMet. The system was designed to warn pedestrians of impending turns and such. The transit agency paid $46,000 for the system. Well, after three months of testing TriMet has decided the system isn’t going to work out. TriMet tested the system on… read more

Not a drive-thru restaurant

Last fall a driver accidentally drove through the window of a restaurant and ended in the middle of the restaurant. Unfortunately, two employees at the restaurant were dragged under the car with him. One employee, 28-year-old Brian Shin, was seriously injured and was hospitalized and in a coma for several weeks. The restaurant, Wild Wasabe,… read more

Step away from the sprouts

We’ve posted before about the dangers of various varieties of sprouts. They seem to be magnets for E. coli. Now it seems that sprouts are behind the E. coli outbreak in Europe that has thus far killed about 22 people and sickened more than 2,200. Reports indicate that vegetable sprouts from a German organic farm… read more

Even doctors are fed up with medical care

Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington, is losing an emergency room doctor. Dr. Jovan Ojdrovic has worked at Sacred Heart for 23 years but has decided to retire because he believes patient care and safety are being sacrificed for profit. These changes, Ojdrovic says, have happened over the past three years. Administration has put… read more