Diaper don’ts

Back in May of last year we posted about the class-action complaint against Procter & Gamble and its diapers featuring DryMax technology. Many parents grew concerned that diapers featuring DryMax were causing severe skin irritations, including rashes and burns. Pampers is one of the brands that used DryMax.

Well, Procter & Gamble just announced it has agreed to settle the class-action lawsuit. The diaper manufacturer will pay the 59 plaintiffs in the lawsuit $1,000 per child as well as some $2.7 million in attorney fees. P&G will also give $400,000 toward training programs in pediatric skin care. Additional information about diaper rash will be added to the Pampers web site.

Procter & Gamble continues to deny any wrongdoing, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission discovered no link between the DryMax diapers and diaper rash after an investigation.