Should Patients Be Billed for Preventable Medical Errors?

Expanding on the blog post from August 25 about serious medical errors, also known as sentinel events or “never events,” MSNBC recently reported that hospitals in about half of the nation’s states have decided not to bill for such events. This is a sweeping change since February, when MSNBC reported that only about 11 states… read more

Medical Errors Abound In Utah Hospitals

Many of us have heard stories about botched surgeries during which medical instruments are left inside patients, but how many of us considered these stories to be urban legends? Sadly, such stories aren’t tall tales but often the truth. A recent story in the Salt Lake Tribune documented serious medical errors that took place in… read more

Why You Should Be Cautious About Going Green

The greening of America is big news these days, and Portland is certainly one of the leaders of the revolution. Not only do you hear about the importance of recycling and the pluses of alternative energy, but every day it seems the abandonment of cars for bicycles or public transportation comes up in conversation. It’s… read more

Window Dangers Due To Heat Wave

That was quite a heatwave we had here in Portland over the weekend! Even though it has cooled down for now, the issue of window safety is still important. The Oregonian reported that some seven children in the Portland-Vancouver region have fallen from open windows this summer. Many believe window screens provide a safe barrier… read more

We Will Miss You, Daniel Clark-Rizzio

We will miss you Daniel. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Here is Daniel’s obituary. His celebration of life is tomorrow at Grant Park from 4-8pm. July 21, 1983-Aug. 4, 2008 Daniel Clark-Rizzio passed away early Monday morning, Aug. 4, 2008. He was 25 years old and had been living with cancer for… read more

Where’s the Beef? | Food Recall

In keeping with the tainted food theme, it seems many have a beef with Nebraska Beef of Omaha. In June 2008 some 50 people were sickened by tainted ground beef from Nebraska Beef. The product was recalled at the end of June, and soon after the company, as well as federal officials, claimed Nebraska Beef’s… read more