Is It Safe to Induce Labor with Misoprostol?

There are many situations where doctors induce labor, including due to the size of the child or the health risks to either the mother or father. However, the methods they can use can be dangerous and put others at risk. One of the most problematic methods is to use a drug called misoprostol.

If you were given this drug to induce labor and suffered side effects or complications, we encourage you to contact Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC to learn more about the legal rights you have moving forward with a Portland birth injury lawsuit.

What You Should Know about Misoprostol

Misoprostol is the generic form of Cytotec. These drugs are often used to induce labor. There have been many reported complications that come from the use of this drug, including uterine rupture.

This drug is FDA-approved but only approved as a treatment for ulcers. It is often used off-label for the use of labor induction, but the FDA has not said that this is safe. The FDA shares that this drug, when used off-label like this, carries a significant risk of health complications. Some of the serious side effects include:

  • Torn uterus
  • Severe bleeding
  • Required hysterectomy
  • Death of the baby
  • Death of the mother

The side effects listed here are more likely to occur in women who had a previous uterine surgery of any type, including cesarean delivery, or had severe previous births.

Because these are very serious side effects creating long-term complications for individuals and families, it is critical that you know what your rights are after this type of incident.

What Should You Do If You Suffered Losses from This Type of Drug Use?

If you had a child and your doctor used Misoprostol to induce labor, we encourage you to reach out to our legal team for immediate help. This is very important, especially if you have been hurt as a result of the incident or suffered any of the above side effects.

For those who have suffered these losses, we want to help you pursue medical malpractice if it applies to your situation. You may be owed financial compensation if you suffered these losses. They often include permanent injury to the child or mother, the inability to have further children, and pain and suffering. There are many situations where the medical costs alone can be incredible, but you may also be owed additional compensation for your pain and suffering and emotional trauma.

Let Us Explore Your Legal Rights with You

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