Texting and maiming

Even though there are regulations in many states about texting while driving, there are still plenty of people who text and drive. Think about it–when is the last time you were out and did NOT see someone texting while driving? A New Jersey couple were on a motorcycle in fall of 2009 when they were hit by a teenager who was texting while driving. The married couple each lost a leg as a result of the crash.

Recently the couple, David and Linda Kubert, settled their lawsuit against the teenager, Kyle Best, for $500,000, which was the most the teen’s insurance would cover. The Kuberts also tried to sue Best’s girlfriend, Shannon Colonna, who was texting with Best while he drove, but a judge ruled that she could not be held liable for the accident. The couple plans to appeal the ruling.

Best fessed up to texting while driving and was hit with fines of about $775. He also had to speak at more than a dozen high schools about the dangers of texting while driving. His driver’s license, however, was not suspended. The Kuberts, in the meantime, moved to Florida and allegedly are having a rough time financially.