Duck and cover

You’ve all probably seen those “duck tours” in various cities that give tours on those large amphibious vehicles that look like boats on wheels. The tourists sit high up off the ground while the tour guide drives and provides commentary. They might sound like fun, but a number of these tour vehicles have been in accidents, most of them due to the driver not being able to see other drivers or pedestrians.

This was the case with motorcyclist Austin Porter in Seattle. He was stopped at a stop light in downtown Seattle when he was run over by a Ride the Ducks vehicle and dragged for a number of yards. This happened in October of 2011. Porter’s injuries required surgery, hospitalization, and months in a skilled nursing home. Porter continues with physical therapy and uses a walking cane. So far his medical bills have hit about $500,000. Porter recently filed a civil suit against the duck tour company for unspecified damages.

The Seattle Police continue to investigate the accident. According to Porter, he would likely have been dragged further if bystanders hadn’t yelled and hit the sides of the vehicle to alert the driver. A surveillance camera at a nearby Walgreen’s also recorded the accident.

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