Examples of Oregon Medical Malpractice Cases

Image Source: thebestlawyersguide.com

The previous blog post titled: How to Choose an Oregon Medical Malpractice Attorney, explained the importance of selecting an experienced medical malpractice attorney who is well-versed with the complexities of Oregon medical malpractice law. Medical malpractice or medical negligence cases are very time consuming, expensive to litigate and cover a range of specialties such as birth injury , failure to order the proper tests, anesthesiology errors, dental malpractice and misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer. Choosing an experienced legal advocate is tantamount to helping resolve your medical malpractice case.

To better understand the variety of cases an Oregon medical malpractice lawyer handles, here are six examples from our medical negligence trials / settlement cases:

  • Anonymous v. Doe Hospital & Dr. Doe: This was a $3.5 million dollar settlement for a family whose baby sustained a birth injury during a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) delivery.
  • Anonymous v. Dr. Doe: A $750,000 settlement for a misread x-ray that caused permanent injury.
  • Anonymous v. Dr. Doe: A $1.3 million dollar settlement in a case involving an anesthesiology error.
  • Eubanks v. Legacy Emanuel Hospital: A $1.25 million dollar jury verdict for a young man who stored samples of his sperm in a sperm bank before chemotherapy left him sterile. The hospital lost the sperm and his opportunity to have children.
  • Henderson v. St. Vincent Hospital: A $1.4 million dollar jury verdict for a 32 year old housewife and mother where the emergency room and family doctor failed to diagnose brain swelling.
  • Estate of Lucich v. Dr. Doe: A $1 million dollar jury verdict in Clackamas County, Oregon for the death of a 24 year old housewife from failure to diagnose breast cancer. (This was a no offer case and an historic verdict at the time).

If you believe you or a loved one were victims of medical malpractice or doctor negligence, seek legal advice immediately as time is of the essence. Consider the following to factors to determine if medical malpractice occurred:

  • An unexpected or very different result from a surgery or medical treatment.
  • Also death or severe injury that occurs as a result of “routine” treatments or surgeries where the physician or doctor can give no reasonable explanation for the death or worsened condition of the patient.

If after further consideration you believe your Oregon medical malpractice case has integrity, contact us either by completing the online consultation form or calling our office for immediate assistance at (503) 226-6361.