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When you visit your doctor or medical facility, you entrust them with your health and well-being. Because they have studied medicine, you expect your physicians to know how to recognize and properly diagnose symptoms and assign the appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There is a staggering 40% of missed or misdiagnosis that occurs nationwide. Some cases are harmless and the ailment heals on its own. Other cases result in debilitating injuries and even death, in which case you may have the foundation of a Portland misdiagnosis lawsuit. Whatever the situation, your doctor should be held accountable for any pain and suffering that occurs.

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What Is a Missed Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis?

Although often used interchangeably, missed and misdiagnosis are two separate situations. With a misdiagnosis, the doctor classifies symptoms with the wrong disease and order incorrect treatments. In missed diagnosis doctors fail to categorize the symptoms at all, which could lead to a lack of treatment. In both cases, the patients can experience adverse effects that can lead to permanent injuries or death. It is a doctor’s responsibility to ensure proper interpretation of a case is made. The attorneys at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC are trained in handling both situations and are here to help.

Common Reasons for Missed Diagnosis

Anytime a patient comes in because of unidentified pain, there is the potential for misdiagnosis. According to research, four out of 10 doctors will incorrectly diagnose their patient. Although each case is different, there are certain conditions that frequently are misidentified. Commonly missed illnesses include heart attack, cancer – including breast cancer – and infections.

Because every situation is unique, there is no concrete reason why missed diagnosis happen. There are common occurrences, however. There are times that physicians are underqualified to give medical care or are in a rush.

Other reasons include:

How Can You Avoid a Missed Diagnosis?

Although there is no foolproof method in avoiding a missed diagnosis, there are ways you can protect yourself. By going into the doctor’s office as an aware patient, you will reduce the risk of a missed diagnosis. The first way to protect yourself is by asking your doctor, “What else can it be?” These simple words can make all the difference. It makes your doctor pause and reevaluate whether the symptoms truly match the illness or if it could be something else.

Another way to protect yourself is through the differential diagnosis. This is usually how a doctor figures out your disease. It is a process of elimination of what the symptoms can be, until there is one left. If you believe that there is an error in diagnosis, you can ask your physician to reevaluate. You can also ask your physician to refer you to a specialist for a second opinion.

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