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Drunk driving accidents are a serious problem in Oregon and are occurring at staggering rates.  In fact, nearly 28.3 percent of all fatal car crashes Oregon are alcohol-related. If you or a loved one were injured in a crash with a drunk driver, call our Portland dram shop law firm today for a free consultation.

Why Choose Our Dram Shop Attorneys in Portland?

At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, we take our duty to our clients extremely seriously. We understand the importance of the case and the critical need to recover the maximum possible in compensation. To achieve this goal, we operate differently than many other law firms:

Portland Dram Shop Attorney

Who is Liable after a Drunk Driving Accident?

While you may assume that the driver is the only party at fault, under Oregon law ORS 471.565, it may be possible to hold the party that over-served alcohol accountable and seek compensation from that party. Oregon law restricts bars, restaurants, clubs, a “social host,” or other venues from serving alcohol to a patron or guest who is obviously intoxicated.

Liability for providing or serving alcoholic beverages to an intoxicated person must be established by a sufficient proof, including eyewitness testimony, video evidence, and DUI testing results. Typically, the following must be true:

What Damages Could be Recovered in a Dram Shop Case?

Damages refer to the losses you incur and the compensation that you may seek in a Portland car accident lawsuit. In a dram shop case, these damages may include:

Why You Need a Portland Dram Shop Attorney

When it comes to filing cases against a vendor, seller, or provider of alcohol, you need a skilled litigator with extensive trial experience. These cases can be more complex to resolve, as some premises may be successful in avoiding being held liable if they can successfully establish that they did not serve alcohol to the person once noticing he or she was intoxicated or attempted to remove drinks from a patron or guest who was exhibiting visible signs of intoxication.

Beyond these legal hurdles, these cases are restricted by the statute of limitations in Oregon, which requires filing a Dram Shop Notice. Failure to file this notice will bar you from seeking compensation. Talk to us at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC. Our extensive trial experience in difficult cases has led to a reputation for excellence. We are ready to get to work for you.

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If you or someone you love was seriously injured by a drunk driver in Oregon, contact the trial lawyers at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC today. We must evaluate your case to determine whether the dram shop law applies to your case. If so, we must take immediate legal action to protect your right to seek the maximum compensation possible. We charge no legal fees unless we win for you-you can trust us to go the distance for you. Contact us today.