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Cerebral Palsy is a debilitating and serious neurological disorder that can take different forms. Its effects are permanent. The disorder limits mobility and muscle coordination in the body. Although different circumstances can lead to cerebral palsy, a potential cause is birth injury. Many cases emerge from the lack of oxygen reaching the fetus’ brain during labor.

According to the Mayo Clinic, two to four babies out of every thousand will likely generate cerebral palsy. In many cases, doctors can prevent cerebral palsy by properly monitoring and treating both mother and child. If your baby was born with cerebral palsy because of someone else’s mistake, our Portland birth injury attorneys are ready to help.

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Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Many things can lead to cerebral palsy. Although each case is unique, the primary cause is when not enough oxygen reaches the baby’s brain (hypoxia) or body (asphyxia). Many complications such as premature delivery, birth trauma, or mistakes during delivery can lead to the neurological disorder. Because each case is unique, not all instances of a child being born with cerebral palsy signifies medical malpractice. You need experienced birth injury lawyers to decipher your legal rights.

That is not to say that medical malpractice does not lead to cerebral palsy, it does. In fact, too many cases of the disorder are preventable. Some Portland medical malpractice cases include:

These forms of inattention and negligence can lead to lasting damage. It is imperative that doctors and physicians properly regulate the health of mother and child: before, during, and after birth. Cerebral palsy can take many forms.

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The three main types of cerebral palsy are:

All three cases cause limitation and difficulty in movement and muscle control. Individuals can also suffer body tremors, muscle stiffness, slurred speech, and more.

Children should be able to run, play, and just be kids. However, if a doctor is negligent in his or her care, the baby can suffer damage that can result in cerebral palsy. This robs the child of the same opportunities that other children have. If your baby has suffered cerebral palsy or another birth injury due to inattention or negligence, you may have a case for compensation. Contact our cerebral palsy and preeclampsia injury attorney in Portland today for a free consultation.