Portland Preeclampsia Lawyer

Preeclampsia can be fatal if not treated quickly. This condition is an advanced form of eclampsia, characterized by high blood pressure in pregnant women. Preeclampsia is sometimes associated with a condition known as HELLP Syndrome, which stands for hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelet count. About 15% of pregnant women who develop preeclampsia will develop HELLP Syndrome. A preeclampsia lawyer in Portland can help you seek fair compensation if your doctor failed to diagnose or properly treat your condition while you were pregnant. Call today for a free review of your legal rights and options.

Signs that Point to Preeclampsia

Doctors and obstetricians should vigilantly monitor their patients for the following symptoms that are often characteristic of preeclampsia:

These traits can indicate preeclampsia in women who are in their 20th week of pregnancy or later. Doctors typically conduct preeclampsia tests around that time. Although preeclampsia is often associated with these symptoms, some women develop the condition yet display no symptoms.

Responding to Preeclampsia or HELLP Syndrome

If doctors detect preeclampsia or HELLP Syndrome, they need to take quick action for the health of the mother and baby. While preeclampsia can usually be treated with bed rest and medication, HELLP Syndrome can necessitate early delivery of the baby. This differs greatly from situation to situation, which is why doctors are required to adhere to an accepted standard of care and use their discretion to protect the mother and baby.

Contacting a Portland Birth Injury Lawyer

If you or your baby was injured because your doctor failed to detect or treat preeclampsia / HELLP Syndrome, we invite you to contact the Portland birth injury attorneys at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC today for a free evaluation of your legal rights and options!