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Injuries during childbirth may leave a child permanently injured. When the medical professionals attending the birth fail to meet an “accepted standard of care,” and a child is seriously injured due to this failure, a birth injury lawsuit can be pursued to seek justice. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, our team of litigators serves as counsel for families who have been affected by birth injury in Vancouver and Washington.

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Over our years in practice, our trial lawyer team has often been called upon to represent injured children in cases of medical negligence, including birth injury cases, and bring powerful resources to assist families in seeking justice, including:

Vancouver Birth Injury Attorney

Birth Injuries and Their Consequences

There are several forms of birth injuries that may be the result of doctor negligence or malpractice. These include:

Liability for a Birth Injury in Vancouver

The liable parties in a birth injury case may be one or more of the following:

What Damages Can You Recover After a Birth Injury?

If your child has suffered permanent damage, a full evaluation of the projected costs of future personal and medical care must be undertaken. Generally, the compensatory damages pursued in court will include:

Why Consider Hiring a Vancouver Birth Injury Attorney?

In cases of birth injury, it is critical that you have experienced legal representation to help you pursue full and fair compensation. The need to call upon respected medical experts, financial experts, along with ensuring all filings are performed within the required time limit. We understand that no amount of money can ever make what happened to your child right, but it can help secure a better future for your family and cover the costs of medical care and treatment.

Medical malpractice cases are exceptionally complex, often heavily contested, and demands top-level legal skills to achieve a positive outcome. At Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC, our Vancouver personal injury attorney is here to help you seek justice for your child.

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