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A bump, blow or impact to the head poses a high risk of affecting brain function, called a traumatic brain injury (TBI). According to the CDC, (Centers for Disease Control), traumatic brain injury contributes to about 30 percent of all injury fatalities. The agency reports that about 153 people die every day because of a brain injury. If your loved one has suffered physical or cognitive impairments due to a TBI caused by another party, contact Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC in Vancouver, WA for help.

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Causes of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be the result of various types of incidents, including but not limited to:

Types of Brain Injuries

The long-term impact of a brain injury varies from person to person. While some people recover some or all their functions, others never again enjoy the quality of life experienced prior to the injury and live with either physical or cognitive impairments for the rest of their lives.

Concussions: A blow to the head can cause the brain to move within the skull, leading to a concussion. A serious concussion has been established as potentially leading to long-term damage to the person’s quality of life.

Brain Contusions: A blow to the head can also cause a bruise to the brain. In some cases, this injury may require surgery. Depending on factors such as its location, how long the injury persists and outcomes from surgery if needed, serious impacts could result.

Coup-Contrecoup Brain Injury: In these injuries, the impact to the head is so great that it causes the brain to strike against the opposite side of the skull. Both the side that strikes the skull and the opposite side of the brain can be damaged with a long-term impact upon the abilities and quality of life of the victim.

Diffuse Axonal Injury: In this case, the head moves so violently that it causes tears in the brain stem. This injury can have serious consequences, including severe physical and cognitive impairments or death.

Penetrating Injury: An object penetrating the skull can lead to severe bleeding, blood clots and the loss of oxygen to the brain, resulting in permanent disabilities, a vegetative state, or loss of life.

Damages You Can Recover in a Case of Traumatic Brain Injury

When a person has suffered serious impairments after a brain injury, a wide range of damages should be pursued, with the help of our team of litigators at Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC in Vancouver, Washington. Ideally, the compensation received in these cases should be significant, as long-term care and medical treatment will be required. The damages may include all the following:

Why You Need a Lawyer

It is imperative that you engage the services of a skilled trial lawyer if your loved one has suffered a serious brain injury. These are highly sensitive cases involving significant and sometimes permanent impairments.  With the help of an attorney from Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys PC in Vancouver, Washington, you can be confident that your case will be managed with great skill and every possible form of compensation aggressively pursued by our team of litigators.

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